Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Two by Two

Last week I had The Girl to stay.

It turned into a week of list-making and box-ticking - very satisfying!
She was working hard for College:  filling her sketchbooks with drawings, photographs and stitching... and making a toile of her first coat design - ooh!

She also helped me with the Great Decluttering.

The Special Refuse Collection went ahead without a hitch. 
FL's car went off to the scrapyard.
We took several bags of junk to the tip and many more to the charity shop.
We moved furniture between rooms, opening up the space.

I appointed a roofer to repair the long-standing leaks... and he actually turned up and started work!

The house started to breathe again.

I bought a cheap (but pure cotton) duvet set and used the last of my stashed cotton lace to trim it - with neon stitching of course!
Step one towards making my bedroom into an oasis of calm. 
I threw out the dusty old carpet tiles and scrubbed the tiled floor. 
Now I need to choose a rug.
And put up some artwork.   The walls look awfully bare and empty, now the clutter has gone.

I finished a pair of socks for me and was inspired to cast on two more.

The Girl liked mine so much, she is getting her own pair of self-patterning socks in Regia Mix-It Color (9383). 

I am using a different heel for hers: the Vanilla is the New Black pattern.  I planned to just  use my leftovers for her pair, but misjudged the leg length.
This heel comes up quite high at the back.
I might have to buy another ball, even with contrasting cuff and toes.
That's OK - I can always make yet another pair!

The red sock is Tavia by Rachel Coopey, using Travelknitter BFL in Double Happiness, purchased at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

The pattern came in a sock supplement from The Knitter magazine and the photos don't exactly match the pattern as written.  There ought to be a section of lacey cables before the heel flap.
I decided just to knit a longer section of cuff ribbing and transition to the cables at the ankle.

The yarn is a lovely rich and saturated colour.  I will definitely be treating myself to more Travelknitter at some point.

After waving The Girl off at the station, I was determined not to lose momentum.

After cleaning down the walls of the hallway, ready to paint, I spent the weekend sewing two Renfrew tops out of stashed Alison Glass jersey - one in navy and one in forest green.  It was very satisfying to sit down and sew a tried and true pattern - no problems!

The painting?  I'll get there!

I also spun up a second bobbin of Oregon Green Corriedale fibre from Porpoise Fur.

I am going to 2-ply it to knit the Inglis mitts from the cover of the EYF magazine.

I just noticed that my mitts will go well with my new top :)

Back to work again now... but my action-packed break has restored my energy.
I am full of plans for sewing and knitting and spinning.

And my next holiday :) 


  1. Go, girl - you are on fire!

  2. Wow what a week. Great you had some company and a lot of things ticked off as done. Your new home is developing nicely well done K xXx

  3. Sounds like you are in the groove. Love those Rebfews, I have about a zillion. Also like that Porpoise Fur colour. It should be a beautiful knit. Good luck with the decluttering.

  4. Wow! That's impressive. My life is still full of little children, so I've forgotten just how much two adults can do I a short space of time!!

  5. This sounds like an idyllic way to spend a week. It sounds like your home is developing rapidly. I am so happy you have found a groove that suits you. Hugs

  6. Positive steps in beautiful socks. How lovely to share your creativity with your daughter too.

  7. You rock, lady! Glad it was such a good few days/week. Sometimes times like that are such a boost, aren't they! Glad you had it. Keep us all posted!

  8. Sounds like a lovely week!
    Isn't it satisfying to get stuff done :)

  9. That sounds like a really good week. Daughters can be good company. Mine came down for spring break for a few days and helped me dump. Love those new tops. I thought at first they symbolized you and The Girl, and you were giving her a big hug until next time.

  10. Wow Roo! What progress you've made. The best thing is that you feel energetic again. There's nothing quite like having someone with you to help you feel enthusiastic and get through your to do list. Brava!

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  12. So satisfying to get a lot of things done. The socks are amazing - Travelknitter is the Queen of reds. And I have had so many problems with patterns from magazines. Check the errata on their website if it really bothers you.

  13. wow, you've been super busy - it is amazing how energising it can be.

  14. Love the colour of the yarn you're spinning. Can't wait to see it knitted up.
    Those socks look fabulously funky - can totally see why your DD wanted her own pair.

    House changes sound wonderful.

  15. So pleased The Girl was with you.

  16. Love the socks! So happy you and The Girl had a great time. That green fiber is lovely and I'm sure the mitts will be beautiful. It's amazing how freeing up space can energize one. My hat is off to you!

  17. How wonderful that you feel so energised! I've just had the urge to Konmari my space too. Vertical storage - I cannot recommend it enough! Such a simple idea, but I'd never thought of it and it means nothing gets buried and forgotten about again. I'm also casting on VITNB socks. It's for the Box O Sox KAL. I think this would be a wonderful treat for you, Ruth. The idea is to buy or create a beautiful box which you fill with hand-knit socks just for yourself (or if you're very generous, a special someone). You can find the KAL over on Ravelry on the Yarngasm podcast group. Go on, you deserve it!

  18. What an inspiring and positive read! You have achieved heaps, and got your mojo back! The duvet looks so pretty, I sure your room is going to be just as idyllic as you imagine. I think it's lovely that your daughter has caught your creative bent, that must feel good, I sometimes wish my kids would show more interest in my creative pastimes. Love the socks and the Renfrews, I'd like to try that pattern myself, everyone seems to love it! I'm on to my second pair of socks thanks to your inspiration over the years, I finally bit the bullet and tried it! Not so hard as I thought!