Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Advent-ures: Number Fourteen, Cities

I am beginning to stray into the realms of my hopes / dreams / plans for 2017.

But maybe that is entirely appropriate for the mid-point of my Advent-ures.
I am almost half-way there.
Wherever "there" might be.

So... I left London in 2004.
I lived there for 17 years.
And I have never been back, not even for the day.
And the longer it has been, the greater the gulf has grown between my old life and the new.
I am a farm girl now.  A hermit?  Maybe.

But sometimes I long for culture.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh  how I long for culture!
Imagine a place with art and music and theatre and people who care about those things?
When I picked up a copy of The Skinny in Edinburgh, I was struck by how the listings stopped at Dundee.

[N.B.   Disclaimer:  This is not the corporate line.  Come to Aberdeen, it is a vibrant cosmopolitan city.  Obvs.]

I have been watching the knitting podcasters "vlog" their way through advent, and I have felt the longing build.  London?  New York?  Berlin?  Wow.
There are plenty of people in my organisation who think nothing of flying to London for a meeting and coming back the same day.
And although I would prefer to have a grown-up (probably tall and male) sleeve to hang on to in the crowds, it's about time I got my city legs back (like sea legs but wobblier).
Even if it just for the day.


  1. roo - if you come to london for the day, i know there are loads of sewing (and probably knitting as well!) people who would love to lend you an arm to hold on to!

  2. I second what Joanne said, I'd be very happy to escort you around London time any time you care to visit. As a V & A member I can also get you in free to any paid exhibition....just to tempt you further! x

    1. Ooh you temptress you! :)
      Thank you!

  3. The City definitely is a different beast, a love hate relationship. Now I have to work in the City every day it's venturing forth, girding oneself. Is a cultural experience in many ways, from lows to highs.

  4. Roo,stop leaving such coy responses to people's invitations. I am going to throw down the gauntlet. Get your arse down here pronto!

    1. Better do as you're told Roo! London crafters would love to see you!

  5. Strangely enough I've just booked travel to London and a hotel for early January. My first time travelling alone and to London in 24 years. Cripes:) Going outward with Grandson who will be returning to London for uni. Will leave him at London and then have afternoon and all day Monday in London on my own before return to Lancashire teatime. Scared but determined

  6. If you ever come down, do let me know - coffee and cake some where lovely!