Friday, 16 December 2016

Advent-ures: Number Sixteen, Speech Therapy

Yesterday I wrote about a film, The Inheritance, in which I believed FL had an inadvertent role, having walked through the set on several occasions on Skye, February 2007.

My copy of the dvd arrived the day after I ordered it and I set aside my knitting to give it full concentration.
And although I remembered several scenes as if I had been there... (because I was there!) there was no sign of FL, or me, or even our car.  Which was disappointing for a "Road Movie"!

I watched the "making of" documentary and discovered that although the film itself was shot over 11 days, it took six months to edit the 50 reels of footage.
Every trace erased.

And that brings me to the subject of today's Advent-ure.
I am pretty good at summarising the content of a meeting in a few written words:  my bullet-points are accurately shot.

But the spoken word eludes me.
Speech is too fast a medium.  I don't have the time to get it right and so often get it wrong.
It can be a bit of a liability.

  • I tell Most Senior Person that I will "lurk in Reception" to await important visitors.
Raised eyebrow.
FFS Roo!

  • I tell Quite Senior Person that it is "boring" that he has to deal with a major incident.
When what I meant was: "Oh dear, that's the last thing you need to worry about the week before Christmas.  You have my sympathy."
I got short shrift for that one.
And it is no use clarifying what I mean after the words are out, because the damage has already been done.

So I am working on it.
I am trying to increase the speed of my speech by rapping along to "Guns and Ships", in the hope that my brain will learn to keep up.
I have myself in training, rehearsing appropriate responses to workplace scenarios.

Which is fine until I get caught off guard and offer to teach a VIP how to knit.
For realz.


  1. Loving these daily posts! Re the disappointment of not seeing yourselves in the film, I believe there are Equity guidelines on appropriate payment for actors appearing in productions to avoid exploitation. So that could be why. Hope you still enjoyed the film and the memories it evoked. x

    1. Thanks yes it was a very atmospheric film.

  2. Hope the film brought back good memories and very neat link into your topic for today.
    The VIP may appreciate the offer and it would probably brighten up what can be quite grey office days.

    1. Maybe I need to start a knitting group!

  3. The mention of the film and having yourself in training conjures images of blavk and white information film (or a Victoria Wood sketch) of how to lurk in reception in very formal received pronunciation! Lurking is an underrated pastime.

    1. Oh that is a fabulous idea! Love it ! 😀

  4. Oh, I completely understand your problem. I work retail and tend to blab a lot, especially when I'm tired. Today a customer asked me if the thread she had picked was 'you know, good for everything?' and I replied 'well, I wouldn't use it to floss but you can sew with it'.

    She thought it was funny though.

    1. Ha! Lucky you dont work in lingerie !