Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Advent-ures: Number Thirteen, Blanketty Goodness

2014-15 was my big year for blanket-making.

The giant red doily belongs to The Boy, as always intended.

Kex has gone to University with The Girl.  I understand its Harris Tweedy-warmth is much appreciated in her draughty bay-windowed dorm room.

The crochet throw is now the focal point of my front room.  It would never keep anyone warm but it does a pretty fantastic job of covering the faded old sofa, while still allowing it to breathe.

All of which to say:  I need a blanket for me :)

There are two blanketty UFOs (Unfinished Objects) on my shelf:  a small pile of 12 Barn Raising Squares, hilariously begun in 2009 (?!)  and a smaller heap of 6 Vivid Squares, knitted in the hospice.
What are the chances of me picking up either of those projects again?
So I am considering my options.

I quite fancy a Brighton Plaid.

It does occur to me that I could use the Barn Raising Squares within a modified mixed-media version. Because who says crochet and knitting can't play nicely together?  It is quite the rage in Japan to combine the two crafts.

But my strongest yearning is for a Briochevron Blanket.
I would use fingering-weight yarn I think.
And basically bomb through my stash.

Stephen West in action


  1. That Kex is a labour of love and fills me with envy that you can knit anything so big and heavy. Gorgeous! Your crocheted throw is bright and happy and goes so beautifully in your room. I love the wallpaper too. Good luck with the next one.

  2. My granddaughter was knitting herself a blanket to take to University next fall. She was using very large wooden needles and she was knitting large squares . The ultimate plan was to make many squares and then knit them together with a border. My mother used to crochet similar covers. Natalie was using a wonderful organic bluish green, two shades of grey and either a tan or a deep plum. Joy to you as you plan and begin your own warm blanket.


  3. That last pattern looks superb! I can see it already :-).

    1. Oops, sorry, Jessica here but Google has me as Unknown? Weirdness, Google.