Tuesday, 26 September 2017

A Yoga Treat

It would appear that this blog and indeed my life has changed direction.

This past weekend I was immersed in the physical and to some extent the spiritual on a Cowdance Yoga Retreat "Into The Woods".

I am not entirely sure how this happened.  I must have signed up for a newsletter and when a last minute vacancy popped up in my inbox, catching me at a vulnerable moment, I did not hesitate to sign up.  Half an hour later, my train to Ulverston was booked, not entirely sure what I had agreed to do the following weekend, but without much time to worry about it.

It was quite a small group, sharing two mixed sex "dorms".
Three women camped outside in tents / a camper van, which I could understand.
But there was a slight sense they were not part of "the tribe" that first night.
There was a time not that long ago when I would not even have considered going if I had thought I would have to share a room, never mind with strange men.
Fortunately, everyone was lovely.
Perhaps the nature of the activity is self-selecting. 
We were a diverse group:  international, of all ages, single, married, alone, with friends or partners. 
There were so many surprising connections to be made and conversations to be had.
Community I sorely miss in my current life.

I was up before daylight, as is my habit, and spent some time knitting my latest sock and writing my journal before the others got up.
Yoga began with a two-hour class before breakfast.
It was intense.
I have probably only been to five yoga classes in my life, so it was a real challenge to take part in such long classes, twice a day.
There were guided meditations round a campfire in the woods.
I realise this is sounding dangerously hippy-ish.

All the food was seriously delicious vegan home-cooking with dairy add-ons for those who felt the need.
I came home and was inspired to get back to cooking properly.
Nurturing myself after three days of being looked after by others, if only by their very presence.

Back home:  Green pea, broccoli, mint and coconut soup 

Our final gathering round the campfire included a time of introspection.
Asking questions of our various energy centres and writing down the answers.
At the end we could choose to treasure our words or throw them to the flames.
I chose the way of fire.
It was profoundly moving.

Would I go again?
In a heartbeat.


  1. This is so wonderful and exciting. Am very happy for you.

  2. Wow, sounds like something you didn't even know you needed--and yet did need!

  3. Yoga is brilliant and your life seems full of new possibilities that you are grasping with both hands. Go Roo! What an inspiration!!

  4. I'd have felt awkward sharing with men too so well done you. Yoga is great for mind and body and who cares if it's considered hippyish! Mindfulness can really help you work things out in a state of peace. I find I reach a sort of Zen-like state on my long runs and that's when I have my best ideas. You're doing great girlie xxx

  5. Wow, this sounds absolutely wonderful! Glad you had that time of introspection around the fire: I have done something similar many years ago (we released our 'things' to the river) and I still feel the benefits 2 years later. Hope the effects are long lasting for you too.

  6. Thanks for sharing. Your openness to new experiences is inspiring, thanks for sharing the journey with us.