Monday, 30 May 2016

FO: Mercury Trousers by Marilla Walker

On Friday evening I sat down with my diary and came to some rapid conclusions:

  • It is almost June
  • I have plans for every Saturday in June... including an actual trip away - gasp!
  • If I don't want to wear the same pair of jeans every day of my holidays, I will need to move fast.
So I dived into the stash and came up with a plan:  Marilla Walker's Mercury trousers in scrumpley cotton / linen blend denim, please Roo!

I had already traced the pattern, so I cut the fabric on Saturday after a marathon session in the herb garden.
On Sunday, I declared myself as having Done Weeding for the weekend and dragged the table into the window, abandoning the sofa somewhere between the kitchen and daylight.
Pesky trees.

It was a straightforward sew.
I learned a new way to put elastic into a waistband - brilliant! 
Except... I overestimated the size of my waist and once the elastic is sewn in using this method, it is pretty hard to extract.  So I added some belt loops for extra security and... well...who doesn't love an excuse to wear a funky belt?  

I shortened the legs of the cropped version by two inches (because I am not tall at all) and went for an in-between shape - neither wide and straight (View C) nor super-tapered (View D) - by cutting View D but including just two pleats at the inside of each ankle.

I really like the resulting shape - slouchy and drapey without going all the way to the floor.
Perfect for a summery stroll on the beach or sheepish activities at a yarn festival... both of which I am looking forward to in the next few weeks - woo hoo!

Pattern:  Mercury Trousers by Marilla Walker, size 2 (shortened by 2 inches mid-leg before cutting)
Fabric:  2 metres of cotton / linen blend denim from my local fabric shop - the end of the roll! I do wonder if there might be a little bit of silk in there too - it has a soft sheen to it that I haven't seen before in linen.  Lovely stuff.
Other:  Thread.  Elastic for the back waist.  Interfacing for the front waist.

There has been dancing.
I have a wide-legged-trousers obsession and a culotte addiction, so to find a pattern that is somewhere between the two, with just the right amount of funkadelia and really comfortable too...?!

Will I make another pair?
Damn skippy, I will.
I have some midnight blue wool in the stash, and I am sorely tempted to rustle up a colder-weather version later in the year.

But I might not last that long... imagine how great they would be in some Merchant and Mills washed linen, in olive green, for that slightly All Saints does army surplus vibe...? 


  1. I saw these on your Instagram feed - they look amazing. And they look great on you too :-)

  2. Gah! I LOVE these! They look terrific on you and the fabric you used is just dreamy. I really need to buy the Mercury Collection...

  3. Lovely fabric. These are my kind of trousers, comfortable and cool! I have this pattern and need to make the trousers before the top.

    1. Go for it! I really recommend it!

  4. Gorgeous trousers - they suit you very well - bravo!!

  5. Love that fabric and these suit you down to the ground (or slightly higher up). I agree about M and M fabric too. So lovely.

  6. Suit you perfectly, retro and a modern vibe!

  7. Fabulous:) and you look stunning in them Roo. Dare I ask if the yarn thing might be the yarn thing Mr M and I go to? Which day? Xx

    1. Amber - thank you and yes indeed it is THAT festival! I am there on Saturday - see you there? :)

  8. Very nice. Cotton linen denim looks and must feel wonderful.

    1. Lovely and cool - now I just need the sunshine!

  9. love the trousers, perfect for summer and a cotton linen denim must be a dream to wear.

  10. Yes - feels great! Thank you!

  11. I have trouser envy, even though I hardly ever wear trousers!
    When I've allowed a bit too much room in an elastic waistband, I find I can usually bring it in a little with some steam from the iron. Worth a try?

    1. Hmmm... an interesting suggestion... but I already had a slight melting incident with my elastic, so I am a bit scared to try ;)