Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Soundtrack of Summer

Since returning from my holiday, I have felt increasing clarity of purpose.
I finished my test knit for Susanne Sommer, a brioche and garter stitch shawl.  The pattern should be published this weekend.
This was my first ever brioche project, and it says a lot about the clarity of Susanne's pattern-writing that I was able to complete it so quickly and so successfully.

Did I mention that I love it? :)

It is super-squooshy with drape and bounce, in my favourite elongated triangle shape.

I used my precious skein of Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles, bought from Stephen and Penelope at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, for colour A (in Potluck 7, a OOAK skein of cream and speckles);  Rusty Ferret Wink (in Verdigris, green and sparkley) yarn from my trip to Fluph in Dundee to learn how to brioche for colour B; and Atomic City sock yarn (in the colour Syringia, a lovely lilac), which was a gift from Mary in TN for colour C.

Last weekend, I painted the ugly brown doors in the hallway a clean and simple white.  Of course, now the surrounding paintwork looks yellow and chipped in contrast - no surprise since it must be 30 plus years since it was painted.

I will get to that after I refresh the walls - I am thinking "Caribbean Dawn":  a light watermelon  / coral sort of a colour - warm and welcoming.

While painting, I have been blasting my beats:  Grimes' "Art Angels" is my soundtrack for the Summer of 16.
Welcome to REALiTi!

Call me a heathen, but I have grown to love blasting my music in the car while driving through the empty country roads.
I used to be embarrassed hearing FL pull up outside the house with opera gushing from his open sunroof, but now it is me disturbing the birds!
He would be horrified by my musical preferences.  How strange to be able to express my own simple love of dance music.
This year a sheep festival, next year... who knows?!

There is something summery about my current audiobook too.
I am listening to The Girls by Emma Cline.
I looked at the hardback in a Blackpool bookshop.
It fell open at the sex scene, of course.  Sigh.
But it's not really that sort of book.
It has been criticised / praised for the poetic measure of its language and I am really enjoying the sudden surprising turns of phrase.
Mostly it is a novel about being a confused teenage girl, one long hot summer.  I listen to it while I knit, and while I walk the dog.
It is pretty much the perfect companion on both sunrise and sunset strolls.

There is knitting, of course.
I have three pairs of socks on the go, in various states of progress.
And I am doing 5% a day on my Talisman Shawl.
Next in the queue is the Amulet Shawl, which will be my first adventure in beading - woo hoo!


  1. Hi Roo:
    Your post sounds fabulous and I'm so glad that you are surrounding yourself with colours. Keep blasting your music!

  2. I love the sound track of your painting. I live attached to my london neighbours so closely I regulate the tv - oh for the utter joy of turning the sound up and dancing with a paint brush!!

    1. I remember the joys of terraced living and creeping around in case I woke the baby...!

  3. How lovely that you've been envigourated by your holiday and what a difference a tin of paint can make. I am preparing for a bathroom redo (really just changing the tiles and paint to suit me and my aesthetic) and when I see my sample tiles in there I just smile.

    1. And samples are such fun to play with! :)

  4. Exciting! - new paint colours, music and wool. Mmmm. Sounds good...

  5. Your brioche shawl looks fabulous! I might get brave enough. Soon...
    I also love how happy you sound. Well, more a contented happiness, which is the best. ENjoy the rest of your summer.

  6. My 17 year daughter is very impressed with your musical choice!
    Really pleased to hear you sound so positive. We just need a bit more sunshine to top up our happy reserves.x

    1. I do sometimes wonder if I am trying to relive my mis- spent youth!

  7. What a brilliant upbeat and vibrant post. Love the knitting but then always love your colour choices and designs. Have ordered the cd, new group to me so thank you for that we love dance music. Have you listened to peat bog faeries? And also afrocelt? Xx

    1. Goodness! I had forgotten about the peatbog faeries! :) and yes afrocelt I remember liking them. Thanks for reminding me 😊

  8. I have the yarn ready to do the brioche shawl and have bought the pattern. When I say ready, I mean that one skein is wound up and the other two are waiting.... But I am nearly ready and hope I make as good a job of it!

    1. You just need to wind one more skein and you are good to go! 😉 Enjoy!

  9. Roo. Honored you chose my yarn for this test knit. As usual your work is gorgeous! I hope you have many happy wearings if this shawl😀