Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Tour de Tangle

Ah, the plans I had for Tour de Fleece!

If you don't know, this is an annual spinning challenge which runs at the same time as the Tour de France.  Spinners join teams and compete against each other in various categories.  I am not quite ready to join a team, but I was confident that I would be able to do some spinning every day, and emerge from the race with a skein of knittable yarn.

However, it took me some time to get my spinning wheel up and running again.  Yes, it probably is just like riding a bike... but I have never learned to do that, so it is a poor analogy!

Now everything has been oiled and my tensions tweaked to get me back on the road, but it was quite a struggle.

I got going with my lovely black welsh / silk mix from Woolfest, but there were a few false starts.  I had filled half a bobbin with singles when my thread broke and I could not locate it.
I think I must still have too much tension on the bobbin, because the yarn is embedded into itself.
I tried poking at it to find the end, then pulling at the uppermost threads - all to no avail.  And the result is a mess of tangled ringlets.  Oh dear!

I decided to start afresh with a second bobbin, and so far that is going smoothly.

In knitting news, I am halfway through sock two of my Regia self-patterning pair, and 3/4 way through sock one of my neon Zigzagulars.

I am 50% through my Talisman Shawl, the first pattern in The Shawl Society by Helen Stewart (Curious Handmade).  The first tiny blips of vibrant blue are starting to appear in my Urban Hints cake - gorgeous!

In life news, I am working my way through the To-Do list at the farm:
  • Rugs are on order.
  • Paint has been applied to my bedroom, hallway and assorted woodwork.
  • I am monitoring the drainage situation.
  • I am monitoring the damp stains on both gable walls.
  • I have booked a clearance of the garage: patched canoes, broken furniture and I Don't Know What Else 
  • I have bought a cross-stitch kit to make a picture for the wall
Prairie Schooler cross stitch pattern - I am making the larger one

Hero?  He is trying my patience, with his confusion of day and night.
He knows I will let him out when I am home, and so he has been asking to go out at 2am, 3am, 4am... it is worse than having a baby!
I gave him a real telling off when his anxious 4am door-scraping resulted in him sauntering out onto the grass to lie down and sunbathe!

I am hoping that I can train him to sleep through again.
I tried out some behavioural therapy on him last night:"No!  Go lie down!" and he let me sleep until 5am, by which time the sun was blazing through the curtains.
Night is as bright as day at this time of year in the North.


  1. Good luck with the spinning! I managed to snaffle a drop spindle the other day - it was in the charity shop and set me back a whole £1.50. I'm not sure I have got space/time for another fibre hobby just now, but it wont go bad...

  2. Use an old toothbrush to help you find the end. Gently brush with the bristles.

    1. Oh what a brilliant suggestion - thank you! :)

  3. I Your remark about the nights made me remember when we were in London in '06 and we would be walking around down town around 11. We'd have to dash to get the bus out to Golders Green so we could walk to the BnB. Then in the morning I woke up around 4 or 5 because the light was so bright.

    Good luck with the dog. My sister and my eldest have that problem with their pets. We only do on the weekend if we try to sleep in a bit.

    The author of Beautiful Wreck has a new book coming out very soon. I'm not sure if I want to read it. Take a look and see if you do.

    Spin, spin, spin - my daughter weave and get in tangles with her warps.

    1. Thanks Linda - I follow Larissa on Instagram and am waiting with anticipation!

  4. Lol! Love your comments re. Hero...... we have a 10 month old pup that we ...for the first time....last night allowed to roam around the back end of the house instead of being kept in one room...She loved this novelty and I kept waking and hearing her pad around with every so often jumping up on the bed for a cuddle. Hopefully the novelty wears off and she settles down or it will be back to being kept in one room. Got to love dogs!

  5. Love the cross stitches! I'm very lucky with Poppy as she sleeps in with Simon and while he sleeps, she sleeps ;-) We don't have the problem of light mornings so much here though I have been thinking of black out curtains for me!