Sunday, 30 October 2016

FO: Iara Scarf from Pom Pom Magazine Autumn 2016

This weekend was astonishingly beautiful in the wilds of north east Scotland.

I spent most of Saturday shovelling leaves from the back door (5 wheelbarrows'-worth!) and pottering in my herb garden, putting things to rights before winter and planting bulbs.

I also took the time to sit down and finish off my Iara Scarf / Stole / long woolly wrappy thing.

 It is really really long.
And woolly.
And wrappy.

And I love it.

The pattern is by Renée Callahan, East London Knit, and was published in Pom Pom Quarterly in the Autumn 2016 issue.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Renée at the Curious Handmade Country House Retreat last weekend.
She designed this scarf to be knit using two shades of indigo-dyed yarn from Kettle Yarn Co.
And I was tempted...

But I had just freed-up this amazing mauvey magenta organic merino from Queen of Purls in Glasgow, originally intended to be part of a sweater.  It is a heavy sportweight two-ply which knits up as a very flat, matt fabric.

In contrast, the fluffy grey wool is pure Gotland from Guthrie the sheep :)
I feel like I know Guthrie personally, as I follow Hooligan Yarns on Instagram.

Say hello to Guthrie, children!
Hello Guthrie!
 Although similar in tone, the texture of this two-ply is very different:  it has a lovely halo.
It is significantly thinner than the purple yarn, but the fluffiness seems to fill in the gaps when knit up.
I bought a single skein specifically to knit this scarf.

And yesterday I scooped up  another armful of skeins from the 2016 shearing to knit a sweater.
Because who can resist a sheep with eyes like that?!

Before someone asks... the dip-dyed shirt-dress and cropped trousers are from Zara.
But the coat is me-made, using the Maya pattern by Marilla Walker.


  1. What a lovely scarf, you do choose nice patterns and amazing yarn.

  2. Your scarf is beautiful! Such lovely colours!

  3. Beautiful - woolly thing, weather and writings!

    1. Thank you! The last blast of sunlight!

  4. Roo....It has been so very long since we've been in touch, and life has changed for both of us. I read (in your profile) that your sweet FL passed away just this year.

    You and FL began this journey two years before we did and lasted almost two years longer than we did. My honey died in September, 2014 - just one month shy of 4 years.

    You are still creating such beautiful talented you are...and I have just published a book, which was co-authored with a friend. So, our lives are going on they must....with or without our mates.

    I'm so glad to have found you, again.

    Take care, my sweet faraway friend.....

    1. Hey there - thanks for saying hello again. You take care too :)

  5. So pretty! And the setting is pretty as well. Love the mossy stone. Love the colors you chose!