Monday, 3 October 2016

FO: Thesally Cardigan from Pom Pom Magazine

I have already documented my issues concerning yardage for this cardigan.

If you want to knit it full-sized, and have 200m skeins of yarn, you will need  an extra skein (for size 2).  Do the maths if you are making a larger size.

I did not have an extra skein.

So I have shorter sleeves and a cropped body.
And it is a bit narrower than I had hoped too.

I had perhaps 3 metres of yarn left out of 600m.

Which is fine for a spring / summer cardigan.

And it is undeniably pretty.


Pattern:  Thesally Cardigan by Hanna Maciejewska from Pom Pom Magazine, Autumn 2016
Errata here.

Yarn:  Merino DK from Gregoria Fibers, 200 metres per 100g skein.
This is an 8-ply, hard twist yarn, rather like Wollmeise Pure.
It is speckle-dyed using plant materials and looks beautiful.

It is not to be confused with the yarn used by the designer, which is a single-ply soft yarn, with 250 metres to the 100g skein, from the same dyer.


It is a lovely garment.
I am just a bit deflated because it is not the big, swingy, snuggly garment I was expecting.
I thought I was knitting an autumn / winter cardigan.



  1. Shame about the yardage but it is a lovely wool and looks good as a spring cardigan, as you said. I fancy a big, snuggly cardigan at the moment as the cold winds are blowing down south. Time to get out the winter shawls.

  2. It's a bit frustrating when your finished project doesn't match your vision, isn't it? Especially when it's nothing to do with you. I must say I think the pattern + yarn are very suited to spring, especially that eggshell speckle look. So your shortened version really works!

  3. I think this fits really well!

  4. It looks very stylish, I like your creative solution to the problem. I hope you have some balmy days to enjoy it.

  5. Love the cardigan! Especially the cropped/3/4 length sleeves. I always wear even my full length sleeves pushed up to 3/4 :) xx

  6. I think it's gorgeous, and I love the 3/4 length sleeves, but it's pretty frustrating when you wanted it as it is on the pattern.