Tuesday, 8 November 2016


November, apparently.

So what happened to Socktober and Inktober, Roo?
Well there was definitely a burst of sock-knitting, with one finished pair and another three pairs begun.  Two of those might be ready by Christmas, but there is no real rush.

My plan to draw something every day of "Inktober" fell by the wayside with the fading of daylight.
I really really do need to get my eyes tested.
For that reason, I don't see me starting my next cross stitch project anytime soon.
I made this Dark Crosses pattern for The Girl while the sun was here:

Because Hallowe'en is every day...
So what am I up to this November?

I am into Week Three of the Paper Love E-Course, by Rachel Hazell.
I first read about Rachel and her work in Flow magazine, and in a vulnerable moment I noticed a discount code for her e-course on their website.

In Week One I made a pamphlet-stitched book from found papers and I made a plan for my Book.
You know, the Book I have inside me that I dare not talk about, let alone commit to paper?
Yeah, that one.
I am a bit scared but definitely fired up.
It's good for me.

Week Two of the course began by making a paper aeroplane.
Collage didn't quite happen because the day job consumed me for a week or so, but I think I am emerging from that particular tunnel now.  I will come back to the projects I missed.  It is an incredibly rich course - so much to delve into when I get the time.

In knitting news, I am test-knitting a secret something to a tight deadline, because I am crazy like that.

Does anyone spot a theme?

I am up for challenges.  I am facing my fears, stepping up to the mark and taking it on the chin if necessary.
It is a kind of madness I suppose.
Exhilarating freedom.
A rush of oxygen to the brain.
Kind of like falling in love.

And since I don't see that happening again in this lifetime, I might as well channel the energy.

"How are you doing today, Ruth?"
I am doing fine, thank you.
And that's all the affirmation I need.


  1. Good luck with your challenges. Especially the book - I love the way you write btw, beautiful and honest x

  2. Be kinder to yourself. You are amazing. Looking forward to seeing the secret knit and reading your book K xXx

  3. LOV this post!! This is lovely and it resonates in my life... in a different way, have had some big changes in my life with some bumpy times. Things now seem to be opening up and there is a kind of wonderful flow... scary, and maybe I will fall down and scrape my knees, or maybe not! So, hurrah for you and way to go! Inspiring to me :-)

  4. LOVE!! How did my E disappear?! (lack of proper proof reading, I simply reacted! )

  5. Brilliant. Go for it all.

    PS I had the same problem with the fading light. An eye test didn't help but splashing out on some very expensive lamps did. I hesitate to advertise them because of the excessive cost, a fair proportion of which might have covered the cost of the classy packaging. Serious readers would recognise the brand.

  6. Glad to know you are finding your way through the new country. It's encouraging to see that you are trying new things ... that are still kind of familiar.

  7. Oh, that paper course looks interesting! I've always wanted to try something like that but usually succumb to my old friends Perfectionism and Procrastination.
    I too have given up cross stitch due to eyesight - but am plotting out designs for when I invest in better light.
    Good luck with they mystery knitting!