Monday, 28 November 2016

Owl Pickles

My internal clock has shifted.
Where once I was a bit of night owl, watching unsuitable films and knitting into the small hours, now I find myself alert and full of ideas at 4 am, asleep by 10 pm.
It has its advantages, this strange pre-dawn existence:  the neighbours are asleep so I don't have to share the broadband line with anyone else;  I have plenty of time to construct myself before heading to the workplace;  and at the weekend, there is the delicious luxury of a leisurely breakfast and planning my day long before the sun comes up.

This weekend, inspiration hit hard and I was at my kitchen table drawing by 6 am, my design complete by 8.
A seasonal card.

I have so much time.
When I used to feel it was running out.

I have been knitting too, of course.
My Barley Hat from Knitting From The North (£4.99?!  Blimey!  I paid a lot more than that!)
My Mind The Gap socks.

I had a KnitPicks delivery on Sunday... there will be more stripey socks!

I am itching to cast on a sweater - but still haven't done it.
I have an orderly queue with stashed yarns and patterns matched up and ready to go... and yet it is always the new and shiny that grabs my attention.

Today, the Color Me In sweater leaped to the front of my imagination.
Oh yes, that was a really acute case of Buy-It-Now!
Perfect for my stashed  "salt and pepper" De Rerum Natura Gilliatt with something colourful for the contrast.
I just need to knit it.
Color Me In, Image copied from the Ravelry Design page

I am listening to Swing Time by Zadie Smith.
It is seriously good as an audio-book!
The narrator, Pippa Bennett-Warner, is fantastic.  I could listen to her all the time.

But I need to preserve a corner of my day for The Lesser Bohemians.
That has become my hot-water-bottle read, snuggled under the duvet with a shawl around my ears and propped up by a teetering pile of pillows.



  1. So wonderful to hear!
    So much time.
    Music to my ears.

    Hope you have room in your life for that kitty cat, one day. They make very nice duvet snugglers :-)

  2. I have a knitpicks order on the way, too! I ordered yarn for three sweaters. Three, when I have never even knit one. This will be the year. I wish I had ordered some of that fun-looking Felici sock yarn. Next time.

  3. The sleeves on the colour me jumper are lovely! Like you the older I am getting the earlier I am getting up, maybe something to do with turning 50:D)