Monday, 5 December 2016

Advent-ures: Number Five, Meeting other Knitters

This year I vowed to get myself out and about to meet other knitters.

There was the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March.
Woolfest in June.
And the Curious Handmade Country House Retreat in October.

This weekend I rounded off my year of yarny adventures at the Wool Tribe Christmas party.

It all started off quite quietly, as the yarn-lovers gathered, collecting a raffle ticket at the door.

There were a few hand-picked vendors with wonderful woolly displays of their wares.
I am a rubbish blogger so have no pictures of the stalls - tsk!

But I did purchase a skein of super-sheepy North Ronaldsay laceweight from Queen of Purls.
An absolute bargain!
It is beautiful.

And it blended in well with the decor at my Airbnb for the night (another first!)

Back to the party...
Some people had come with friends but there were others like me who just turned up with their knitting (or crochet) and joined in.
Because there is one thing that knitters have in common - talking about knitting!
Someone at my table remarked that it is a unique community in that way - there is a place for everyone.

The food was buffet style with lots of vegetarian bits and pieces, and turkey and mini burgers for the meat eaters.
Then Louise of KnitBritish compered a party game quiz, "Heids and Bahookies", where in my best attempt I got to the third question before being knocked out. Ha!
There were amazing prizes! One woman won a sweater blocking kit. There were lots of books and kits.
More knitting.

Then it was time for the door prize raffle. As prize after prize was drawn, my table was getting despondent, as we all had low numbers and they seemed to be drawing from the top of the bag (the later arrivals!).

But then we had a sudden run of successes - yay!
I won two skeins of camel/silk blend in cobalt blue (Byzantium)  and grey (Isfahan)  by DyeNinja.

By then it was almost ten and I was feeling tired after my 5am start, so went back to my flat.

My landlady was in her front room and was interested to hear about my evening. 
She had been inspired to dig out her knitting and was weaving in ends on a stripey scarf :)

I set off bright and early on Sunday morning and treated myself to a hipsterish urban breakfast at Loudon's.

I had a very very lovely coffee  with my eggs and toast and have just now ordered myself a packet of aeropress ground in the same blend as a Christmas self-indulgence, from their suppliers, Artisan Roast.

My son's Christmas sock looked right at home with my cultural breakfast reading.

Allegedly this publication can be found in Aberdeen.
Clearly I need to explore my own city more.
You never know - I might find some other knitters!


  1. sounds like you are having yourself some fun!

  2. I was so interested to read this post...I, too, have been seeking out other knitters. Since I moved here, I've been hibernating. It's time to get out and meet new people...just like you! I found a knitting / crocheting group that meets to visit & knit together at the library on alternating Fridays. And Im going to attend a fibre arts guild meeting in the new year after attending their craft fair, they seem a lovely group of women.

  3. I really enjoy following your advent-ures, it's like I get to have an advent calendar just following your entries!

  4. reading your advent - ures is better than my chocolate advent calendar!