Thursday, 1 December 2016

Advent-ures: Number One, Alice

This time last year, I began writing a daily blog post to track the progress of my advent socks.
It turned out to be the countdown to the end of my old life.
I can't wear the socks.
I can't even look at them now.

Deep breath.

So let me start again this December, with a new series of Advent-ures.

Every day this month, I plan to share something that makes me happy.
It might be knitty.
It might be a book.
A song.
An image.
A taste?
Who knows?!
Not me!  It's my new daily challenge!

Advent-ure Number One:

A fragrance.

When FL was in the Hospice and things were getting particularly... difficult, one of his carers started to come in daily with an aromatherapy oil.
Putting aside any feelings of fear or revulsion (because she was indeed human, despite all angelic indications) she anointed FL's fragile limbs with her essential oils, filling the room with... peace and hope.

I remember two young nurses coming into the room and exclaiming that it was like a spa in there.
What was that wonderful smell?
Something orange-like, but not pure citrus.
Neroli with a touch of may chang and perhaps ylang ylang?
Whatever it was, it filled our lungs with something approaching exhilaration.

I did not ask at the time, and now I really don't want to know the precise blend of oils.
But it mattered to me that I should find its companion.
A new scent to accompany me every day.
A fresh start with the blessing of the past.
With a hint of orange.

I hadn't expected it to be Alice.

I ordered the sampler set, expecting to find my soul-mate in Anne of Avonlea.
But she was too sweet.

Alice has more edge to her personality.
I inhale deeply and find the energy I crave.
I am restored.
Who knew a scent could have so much psychological power?


  1. Smells are amazing for transporting back to a time or place. Citrus is wonderful. Clean fresh and invigorating. Looking forward to this year's advent K xXx

  2. Ruth:
    As you come to the end of this year and all it's "firsts" alone, it's been amazing to be part of the cheering crowd in your journey. I so wish we lived close enough that I could drag you into my home for a cup of tea and a hug. I hope that you can feel it virtually. I'm looking forward to this year's Advent for you as well. In this dark time (the darkest part of the year, really) may you find peace, light and hope.

  3. This post has give me goosebumps (in a good way). Looking forward to the rest of your advent calendar. X

  4. I'm going to love this advent. Thanks for sharing.