Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Advent-ures: Number Twenty-One, Take a Break

I was at a loss today, wondering what to write about.
I didn't start this Advent-ure with a plan, it just picked up its own momentum as I went along.
And today?
I was flagging.
I went to a Seasonal Soirée yesterday.
I avoided the Big Bash in an effort to preserve my sanity, but you can only get away with so much staying away before it becomes rude.
And while the event itself was pretty calm, and I only drank water, it set me jangling.
Because... stuff and things.

So I went home and watched a Rom Com and had a drink and upset myself.

I was up at 5.30 (which is late for me these days) and in the office in plenty of time to witness delivery of the leftover Very Important Mince Pies.
But I missed my 10 am coffee ritual.

Most days, I potter over to the coffee shop with a colleague from another section.
We buy a take-away tea or coffee, exchange the occasional inappropriate remark and are back at our desks within ten minutes, ready to face the rest of the morning.  With caffeine.
It is a chance to get away from the emails, the phone, the ominous clang of the Double Doors.

Today we missed our appointment.
It was 3pm before I realised that I needed a break.

So I took myself to the Posh Coffee Shop.
Which is to say it is the most expensive one.
The kinda hip one.
Where they have beards and play heavy metal music.
They do?!
They do.

And even though it was a dark December day outside of term time, it was buzzing with academic life.
It took the artisan a while to craft my flat white.
These things can't be rushed.
And while I waited, I was drinking it all in:  the people, the conversations, the music, the energy!

And what was the Lesson Learned today, Roo?
Just take a break, girl.
Everything looks better with coffee.


  1. It's so easy to not go out.... and then when you do, you realise how much is happening 'out there'! I'm never sure whether I like that or not?
    Anyway, shortest day - it's going to get lighter from now on.
    We all need coffee and friends. Take care xxx

  2. I have a favourite coffee shop that I like to escape to in Byres Road. Sadly, I can't do caffeine anymore since the surgical menopause (nor chocolate, or wine - damn and blast)! So I sip my decaf tea and people watch all the young hipsters on the brink of so many possibilities - and wonder why beards have suddenly become so de rigeur again.......

  3. Your so right there, although these days my coffee break is a decaf soy latte - but its still an escape from the office nescaf and some ai - again hipster beards here too, must be a coffee thing!