Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Advent-ures: Number Twenty, Paper Love

I mentioned in November that I was taking part in an e-course called Paper Love.

The premise of the course is that those who take part... love paper!
And of course I do!
Is it a coincidence that my paternal family were actually paper-makers?
Not in a romantic hand-made sense:  they were mill-workers, labourers.

I was raised in a "mill cottage", as was my father before me.

My house was the last but one in the row beside the playing fields in the centre of this picture from 1972.
All demolished now.

My father "bettered himself" after the war by learning how to draw the machinery, becoming an engineering draughtsman.
He had box after box of black and white photographs of rollers.
Piles of drawings of valves and pipes.
It was his job to redesign the machines to make them run more efficiently.

I just now went onto the web to look for an example of the sort of thing I mean...
And I found a picture of my father in 1960!

That was a shock.


My e-course was an opportunity to explore the manipulation of a medium:  book-making, folding, cutting, collage, playing with ink.
I was busy at work so did not complete all the exercises.
I am looking forward to exploring the projects I missed over the holidays.

And early next year I am going to a workshop in Edinburgh for Paper Love "alumni".

I would love to explore further.
Rachel runs courses in Amsterdam, Venice, Paris...


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  1. What a fabulous course. Stationery. Paper. Mmmm!

    Fabulous piece of history there.

    Am enjoying your Advent-ures very much.

    Peace and love across the miles x