Thursday, 22 December 2016

Advent-ures: Number Twenty-Two: Spontaneity

Today's post was supposed to be called "Planning".


How very 2015!  Planning, Roo?  Really?

That's not where it's at.
Nordic Arrows by Susanne Sommer from Laine Magazine
Public Service Announcement:
Spontaneity is the future.
Leap to your feet, grab your coat and JUST DO IT!

On a very small scale, I just treated myself to the first issue of Laine Magazine.
Just like that.
I found a copy in Ysolda's online shop here:  Laine.

You can see what is in it here on Ravelry.
Ditch the queue.
Knit something new.

Instant decision-making:  it can be done!
Some folks call it freedom.

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  1. I was a planner, every trip had lists, etc. My husband wanted his ashes scattered in eastern Wyoming, we lived in Florida, so three months after his death I threw (literally, except for him which I packed carefully..) clothes, tent, and assorted stuff in the Jeep and headed out. It was Oklahoma before I got semi-organized. It was sad and fun and restoring and memories to last. I agree, just do it!