Friday, 2 December 2016

Advent-ures: Number Two, Advent Calendars

This should have been Day One!

A Countdown used to stress me out.
Every time we made a plan to go somewhere, FL used to start making lists days ahead of time, with our itinerary set out minute by minute.  There are still piles of these to be found sifted among his papers.
And yet he was always late.
And this in spite of him starting the car ten minutes ahead of the allocated time and revving the engine at me, while I was still packing / feeding the dog / assembling children / switching off radiators / taking out the rubbish.
(None of these things were on his list, because it was HIS list!)
And it didn't always include fundamentals like "take pills".
On our wedding day, we had driven for an hour before he remembered he hadn't listed his kilt.
Back we went.

Last year's December Countdown was the worst.

So this year I need to take back Advent, and make it all about happy anticipation.

My friend at work gave me an Advent Tea Calendar.
Maybe this means she knows I was her Secret Santa a couple of years ago - she got a tea-filled Christmas bauble :)

Day One was Moroccan Spice tea.
It made a lovely warming start to my morning, while I still had my desk lamp on and the window open to let the frosty air fill my lungs (yeah, that's what my colleagues say too!)
I sent my mother a fancy chocolate advent calendar.
She has a serious sugar problem, so I wanted to give her a measured treat.
Oh, I know she will eat other chocolate and cakes and biscuits and puddings across the day, and I am appearing to condone her sweet tooth...
But she will enjoy it.

And it is almost Christmas.


  1. I love this post. Your voice and the personalities of these fear people shine through so clearly. Here's to a great day 2!