Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2017, Let It Flow

All the cool kids are setting goals and choosing words to define them in the New Year.
I feel the need to be more flexible, open to new things and I want to try letting myself go with the flow.  Not to abdicate responsibility for my own actions, but to recognise that I have choices, to consciously decide and then follow through.
And sometimes that might mean revisiting decisions I made in the past, reassessing my position and admitting my mistakes.
Not just the Big Stuff.
Little things - like knitting (it always comes back to knitting!)

Last night I ripped out my Barley Hat from Knitting in the North.
It had a mistake in it.
It was cream.
Cream?!  What was I thinking?

I also faced up to a serious error in my Nordic Arrows Shawl.

I had been two stitches out for several brioche (double) rows.
I tried to ignore the numbers, thinking I could make it work.

But as I started to add in the third triangle, the problem got worse and I realised I was probably performing the slanting decrease in the wrong way.
And glaring at it didn't help.
Neither did a glass of cider.
Or coffee.
Or apple cake.
Or dancing round the kitchen to really loud music.
That's my entire arsenal of mitigating actions depleted.
Rip it, Roo.

Which leaves me with: one happy sock, one suicidal sock and two abandoned blanket projects.
So, really, just one sock.

I can knit whatever I want!
Who makes the rules around here?

And it would appear that I have enough yarn in the stash to knit 11 me-sized garments.
(Not the four or five I imagined.  Oops.)

And socks!  Let there be socks!
Heaven knows you've got some lovely sock yarn in the house, girl.
Soddit, Roo, buy that Swedish sock pattern book you have been ogling for flipping months!
If Santa was real, he would totally have left it under the tree for you.

Now stop buying stuff, woman.
You have enough.


  1. A colour coded stash notebook? Roo, you are so organized. I'm lucky I have my stash in one room and I know where most of my needles are!
    And I hear you on the "goals" - so much more palpable than "resolutions."

  2. Love your arsenal of mitigating actions! Consciously deciding and then following through - far better than "resolutions", which can have an air of desperation.

  3. It isn't too late for Santa to deliver a Swedish Sock pattern book..Happy Orthodox Christmas Roo!

  4. Ooh! Love that Swedish sock book.

  5. Hi Roo
    I have a question that has been troubling me for some time- how do you get these lovely socks washed and dried without damage given that the weather in your part of the world doesn't lend itself to pegging things on the line in the sunshine as we do down here in Oz land?

    1. Hi Carmel. I peg them out in the cold! And if it is too wet or below freezing, they go on a drying rack in my bedroom, with the window open... and in dire emergency I put a mini dehumidifier next to them! I actually worry more in summer when the sun might bleach them :)

  6. Okay! Now I understand! In light of the above I realise one must knit LOTS of pairs of socks. Then it won't matter how long it takes for them to dry, there will always be a fresh and snuggly pair ready to wear. Brilliant! As for the sun bleaching them- really?! I think you are pulling my leg.

  7. I wholeheartedly am in agreement with revisiting decisions and letting things flow. Happy New Year!

  8. Gorgeous photos! Gorgeous yarn and knitting projects ... and how delicious to flow with 2017, revisiting decisions small and large as necessary. <3<3.