Wednesday, 18 January 2017

On joining the SAS (Not really)

Window wide open, breathing cold frosty air while the sun blasts across my desk.
Still euphoric.
But I can't feel guilty about this.  It is what FL would have wanted, this renaissance of Roo-ness.

I have been to an exercise class or the gym almost every day this year, twice on Monday!
And no, mum, I am not "overdoing it".
Children:  don't wait until you are as old as me to find your energy.
Just saying.

The workplace had a "Health and Wellbeing" day.
I declined the invitation to run 5k in the lunch-hour, because I have many skills but running is not one of them.
It was a wise decision.

Instead, I attended a Resilience Workshop.
After completing the questionnaire, I was informed that my score made me eligible to join the SAS.
Further analysis revealed that I had the highest score for "commitment", slightly less for "control" and was just plain average for my response to "change".
This does not surprise me.  Once I set my mind to something, I go for it full tilt.
But I remain risk averse.  I am still protecting myself from the unknown, even though it could be an opportunity rather than a threat.
I accept this.  It is fine.  I am doing fine.

I am now applying what I have learned.

I am having a blast analysing the characters of Hamilton according to this methodology

Eliza?  She is "helpless", she says so herself.  She starts the musical with pretty low resilience, but as she gets older, and experiences a few hard knocks (unfaithful husband, death of her son) she gets stronger and "takes control of the narrative".

Angelica?  She recognises her position in society and the requirement to "marry rich".  She knows she will never be "satisfied".  But she is no pushover.  She knows it would be a mistake to marry Hamilton, even though she loves him.  She takes control of her destiny and "keeps his eyes in her life".

And thinking of my current audio book... Jane Eyre is a fascinating case study in resilience!
She is a great example of someone who develops resilience as she gets older.
Though she still makes some questionable decisions.
Different times?  Maybe.
Fiction?  Certainly!

If you want to know more, I found a simple questionnaire and introduction to  resilience here.

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to the gym.

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  1. Thanks for the resilience link Roo - food for thought there. And also for the energy/exercise push - I need to do this. All very inspiring!