Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Can't Stop The Feeling

So... I am on fire with energy right now.
It is, quite frankly, terrifying.
I can't sit still long enough to knit and I have to take dance breaks at my desk.
It is entirely possible that there is something amiss and I am going to get myself checked out at the GP... just in case.
It does not escape me that FL always had a power surge before a relapse.
Zara embroidered sweatshirt
But if this is a fit new version of me, I like her, thanks!
As already mentioned, I am at the gym every morning before work.  My only day off is Saturday, when I go to a Sh'bam class. Then there is Jazzercise twice a week in the evening.
So the planned sedentary, knitting-based holiday was not going to work for me this year.
Fortunately I was able to cancel and someone else has taken my place.
But what to do instead?
Zara embroidered dress
I looked at writing holidays.
And writing-with-walking holidays.
And knitting-with-walking holidays.
But walking is not really my thing.
I am... a dancer?!

Pause for that to sink in to my confused brain.

So my excitement level went through the roof when I discovered a Ballet Retreat in Leeds at the Northern Ballet School.
Three days of dance-related activity in Yorkshire.
Sadly it is fully-booked, but I am on the waiting list.
Zara dress

So I kept looking... and discovered a Dance Bootcamp in Edinburgh... in two weeks' time.
15 hours of dance, in a multitude of styles, for a full range of abilities...
...which is just as well, because I may have energy and enthusiasm but my technique is pants.

Zara t shirt

And a confession...I also might have an unhealthy obsession with Zara right now.
Um, yeah.


  1. Dance boot camp sounds great fun. We really need to hear how that goes K xXx

  2. Oh I love Zara and miss it (Zara doesn't have a brick & mortar store where I live now). Also, your power surge may equally be something entirely positive :)

  3. A lady in my book club goes to ballet retreats in Morocco somewhere and adores them! How wonderful that you are brimming with energy! I'm feeling quite the opposite these days and looking for a turnaround

    1. Morocco sounds amazing! Hope you feel better soon :)

  4. WELL...... In that case, you might want to consider a dance holiday in Spain - you could learn flamenco and shop Zara at source! Can't remember the name of the company, but their holidays sounded fab!

    1. Oh wow - flamenco! There's a thought!