Monday, 13 March 2017

For the Love of Baers

On Saturday I caught the early train to Edinburgh, for the Yarn Festival.

I cast on a new Meadow Sock for the journey, using Baerenwolle BAERfoot Sock in the Wildflower Patch colourway.  I turned the first heel on the way home again on Sunday.

Instagram had been full of pictures of the crowds on Friday and I admit I was scared it was going to be a bit overwhelming. I don't do well in crowds.  I had to dispense with most of my handknits very early on (heat).  But my Mind The Gap socks attracted a few comments.

It was lovely to meet up with knitterly friends, old and new.

I was not planning to buy much, other than a copy of Interpretations Volume Four, but when I squooshed this bfl / masham blend from The Knitting Goddess it had to come home with me.

I bought the coal and turquoise colors, with a particular project in mind, but now I am thinking I might make a second Iara stole.  I absolutely love the one I have  - by far the most elegant piece of knitwear I own - and it will be gorgeous in these colours.

And that is all I bought in Edinburgh.

I had really wanted some of the double knitting version of the above yarn with added sparkle, but Joy had left it at home.  She said it was almost sold out and was unlikely to be available in dk weight again.
So you can probably guess what I did when I got home myself...?
Oh yes - it will indeed be mine!
I bought it in charcoal and jade - now both sold out.
That is earmarked for an Always in My Heart shawl.

Always in My Heart by Isabell Kraemer
My minimalism at the yarn festival had a strange effect, making me rebel against my self-control, because on Sunday evening an idle scroll through Instagram triggered another trip to the Baerenwolle site, for the latest shop update.

An After Eight colourway?
Oh me oh my yes please!
That's on its way.. and it is not on its own.

Sorry, not sorry!

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