Monday, 6 March 2017

Wild and Woolly Thinking

The first whiff of this post was distinctly sock-heavy.
Until this weekend, the sole-surviving knitting projects on my needles were socks:  speckled, cabled, colourwork ... a sock for every occasion.

And I was enjoying myself, in a calm sort of way, footering away in orderly rounds.
But it wasn't exactly setting my world on fire.
I became quietly besotted by Baerenwolle BAERfoot sock and scooped up a few destash deals.
And signed up for a 3-month subscription to the sock yarn club.
Warm woolly contentment.

But there was a niggling itch, a feeling of irritation that maybe this was not enough.
That if this was the best that knitting could do for me I might as well stay at home next weekend and not go to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival after all...?


Friday was a stressful day, a Cadbury's Chocolate Buttons sort of day.
At lunchtime, I came across Stephen West's new Wannasheep video on youTube.
I sent it to (almost) everyone I knew who needed to be cheered up.

I took Stephen's advice, and began a new shawl, the Marled Magic Mystery Shawl.
I gathered a great heap of stashed yarns - full skeins, partial skeins, leftovers and minis.
A palette of stormy grey and purple with citrussy neon brights.

I felt like a painter, mixing rivers of colour with my needles.

And I knitted.
And I knitted.
And I knitted some more.

I got my groove back, knitters!

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  1. That video was fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing it!!!