Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Always in My Heart

I finished my latest shawl project.

This is Always in My Heart by Isabell Kraemer.

I used a DK BFL / Masham / sparkle blend by The Knitting Goddess.
Two skeins of tealy green and one of charcoal.

I made the large size and came perilously close to losing a game of yarn chicken with the contrast in the final section.

But I could have made the green eyelet section larger.

I will do that next time.

Because I am pretty sure there will be a next time.

It is a great big snuggly comforting hug of a thing.
Just what I needed.

Have a new song.

I was so much younger yesterday.


  1. I love this so much, I just went to Ravelry and put it into my favourites. :) you should post a picture of it on the Always in my Heart Ravelry page, it's so pretty. I love the colours you used.

  2. Looks lovely!! Playing yarn chicken is scary and dangerous to your health! I do it on a regular basis too, ha! We laugh at danger ;)