Thursday, 25 May 2017

Making in May?

Who remembers the days when Roobeedoo was a sewing blogger?

This morning

This strange new energetic life of mine leaves little space for thinking about sewing, let alone performing it.

But this morning I got up a little later than usual, after a particularly taxing trapeze session last night (with the rope burns to prove it) and saw SUNSHINE!

And I realised that my last wardrobe purge may have been fatal.
Summer clothes?
Um... not really.

I wore my only sleeveless top on Monday, under a sweater.
On Tuesday I still needed a sweater over a camisole.
On Wednesday I wore a plain black tee shirt - I currently own a grand total of three tee shirts.
Today...  rummage rummage rummage - my Marilla Walker Mercury Top.

And it feels so cool and breezy and effortless.
Why don't I have more of these?
Why don't I MAKE more of these?!
I still have a fabric stash after all!

Watch this space.
I haven't booked an exercise class tonight :)

Oh -  in case you are wondering, that's my Angelus Novus cardigan I am wearing.

I rather fancy another one of those too!


  1. Yes I do remember - I discovered your blog via your 'Camber' dress on Pinterest. (A great pattern) and have followed ever since. I do miss your sewing related posts, but to see your journey over the past few years has been so inspiring.

  2. I think of you as a knitter really. Your sewing days must have been before my time! That's a nice, cool top which deserves to be made again, definitely. What do your wear for your trapezing? Maybe you need to make something stretchy and shiny. X

  3. Oh, looking forward to seeing sewing again.
    Ah, the dangers of exercise, mostly temporary!

  4. Yes! I also found you through a Merchant & Mills pattern on pinterest - the strand trousers, and have followed you since :)

  5. Looking forward to seeing more sewing...!