Thursday, 18 May 2017

Very Very Circus

Jazzercise just wasn't doing it for me anymore.

I was barely breaking into a sweat and the music wasn't as good as at my Saturday Sh'bam class.
I considered other dance classes, but they all seemed to be in the wrong place at an inconvenient time.

And then the other day, I joked with a work colleague that I was going to run away and join the circus...

One quick internet search later, and she came up with Inverted Aberdeen, a Circus and Pole Fitness Centre.

Fast forward a week and I found myself explaining to Most Huge Boss that I was going to my first trapeze lesson... and invited him to visit me in hospital the following day.
I must say he took it very calmly. 

The standard response has been "WHY?!"
One colleague started laughing and probably has not stopped since.

But guess what?

Yes -  that is a manic grin

I absolutely loved it!

Not only that, but apparently my daily planking and resistance training has paid off.
To succeed in aerial silks, you need a strong core, for all that shimmying up lengths of fabric and dangling in mid air.

Within the hour I was literally flying!

You are supposed to point your toes for this to work

A little less elegant!

By that point I had done an hour of hard physical work, and dangling upside down with nothing but my knees gripping the bar...?

Not so much.

And you have to start upside down to get onto the swing.

But I got there, and I even did a "mermaid"... though mine was more of a beached whale!

Am I going back?
You bet I am!
It is so exhilarating to discover a "sport" that I might actually have the right sort of body for.

It's early days yet, but this could definite be A Thing :)


  1. Wow, I didn't know such a thing existed. Mind you, my core is currently jelly ('currently'?...who am I kidding? Always has been, sadly). Looks like so much fun! Jen

  2. Looks great fun. Sadly I am way too old to join the circus, but they have always had a fascination (no animals mind you). Have you ever seen the wonderful 'Cirque du Soleil'? If not, have a look a be prepared to be amazed. Or much smaller scale but still inspiring English 'Giffords Circus'?

    1. Hi there, yes I have seen films of both of those circuses - brilliant stuff!

  3. You continue to amaze. Go Roo Go!

  4. I'm thrilled to see you doing this. It's a dream of mine and I've been working very hard to increase strength, core and balance so I can try it. I'm planning to give it a go in the fall. I'm 68. There are several studios in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, USA. I love watching your transformation.