Thursday, 20 July 2017


Is that not the most perfect image?
Me, in a previous life, clearly.
Not even joking.

In aerial news, I had a major breakthrough last night when I successfully inverted, unaided.
In other words, I flipped myself upside down in one smooth movement on both silks and trapeze.
This is a fundamental skill, without which progress is impossible.
And it is not the sort of thing you can practice at home.
I eyed the monkey bars at the gym this morning, wondering if I dared try a modified version, but in the absence of a crash mat it seemed like a bad idea.

I realise I have not blogged about my recent circus-themed sewing.
I bought this rather lovely inky-dot patterned cotton from Backstitch, and initially planned to make a Merchant and Mills Heron top... until I realised it doesn't have significant sleeves.

Key to my design plan was to embroider "very very CIRCUS" on the sleeve, as a sort of test tattoo.
No sleeve?  Bit of an issue.

So I decided instead to make a modified Marilla Walker Mercury Top, with 3/4 length, slightly narrowed sleeves.
It took me a full day to complete, from start to finish, including the embroidery.
Thoroughly absorbing.

It is a lovely cool top - so light and breezy  for summer weather.

I am slightly shy about wearing it in the workplace, as I feel like I am wearing my heart on my sleeve.
Ha!  If ever there was a statement to explain the curtailment of my arm-tattoo plan, that is it!


  1. Love your circus skills; so jealous!!
    Also think embroidered tattoos are great idea lots of flexibility!

  2. Fabulous! Both your circus skills and the beautiful top. (You may set a trend with embroidered tattoos).

    I love the 'new wave' circus if I can describe them that way, and the theatricality of it all. However, here in France they are sadly still allowed to have animals which although are mostly looked after very well, upsets me a lot. But I digress...

    Do wear your lovely top to work - if you have to be there it will at least brighten up your and your colleagues' days!

  3. I'm feeling ready to randomly tattoo my clothes rather than my body. Thanks for the nudge.

  4. Lovely. I found a fabric shop in a village near to me. They had some very nice viscose. I nearly didn’t buy it because it is very fluid but I decided tpbissue myself a challenge: stop always sewingvwith cottonnand getcetarted on clothing. I only hope it can come out even a little bit as your fantastic sewing