Monday, 24 July 2017


The rural idyll is trying my patience.
I am once more in the midst of an enforced digital detox, due to a lightning strike to my phone line.  AGAIN.
And because it is summer and the trees are in full leaf, I have to go to the top of the hill to get a mobile phone signal.
This has its advantages.

Out in the fields, all by myself, I can get bit wild and crazy.
Sometimes I run.
Sometimes I swing from the trees.
Other times I lie on the trampoline and stare at the sky.

It is the ideal opportunity to ask THE UNIVERSE for A Sign.
I ask a question, and if the answer is YES, I  will find a four-leafed clover.

Twice recently I have been delivered of a FIVE leafed clover.

Yesterday I found one of each.
And I wasn't even looking very hard.

Now, while there is probably a good scientific reason for this mutant botany, I am all about The Signs.
FL had very little time for my belief in Destiny.
But it worked out well for me and him, on balance.

But... whatever next?!

Part of me has had enough of the enforced isolation of this farm life.
There seems little point in living in a romantic wilderness if you are alone.
Unless I embrace the poetry and become a hermit.
Always an option.

Being cut off from the rest of the world can be unnerving.
Particularly when The Universe seems to be saying it has plans for you.

I would say "watch this space" but my connection with the blog is a little fragile right now, in more ways than one.

Hopefully, it will all be fine.


  1. Well,the mean streets of city living are not easy but for those of us who may slip into hermit mode they are useful. I love staying but not living in the country. I need to be where on a whim I can get out and do stuff and getting there by walking or transit. Maybe try the city but not relinquish the country until you are sure????

  2. They always say to wait at the very least one year before making any major changes when one loses a spouse. A friend of mine has waited 3 and is just now downsizing into a smaller home. It's such a dilemma and I hope you find an answer that brings you peace.

  3. Not an easy decision to make - city or country. Each has its ups and downs. Part of the deciding is Which makes you happier and gives you what you want out of life.

  4. Have you been digitally reconnected? Things ok?

    1. No sign of a reconnection yet. I am doing fin - thanks for asking!