Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Going with the Flow

The mid-point of the year has passed.

Sometimes it feels like time is running away from me, and other times it seems to screech to a halt and I am a rabbit in the headlights.

I have a terrible compulsion to over-fill my days, for fear that if I stop I will have to confront myself, and my alone-ness.
Sunday is my "day off" from exercise and inevitably I get twitchy and take to stomping round the fields or dancing madly to Radio One, because I cannot bear to remain still.
I find myself standing with my car keys in my hand, thinking I will just pop to the gym for an hour, because there I will find my balance again.

Union Square pattern by Mina Philip
So I try to settle down with my knitting.
All of the socks, all of the time.
I am working through the New York Sock Collection by Mina Philip.
I have finished one pair and have another two on the needles.
Two further patterns in the series have been published and I plan to cast those on soon.

Avenues Socks by Mina Philip
 And I have almost finished my first Mercury Sock, using a Baerenwolle speckled yarn in the "Birthday cake" colourway, with mad neon heels, cuffs and toes using mini skeins from Hand Dyed by Kate in "Sunglasses Not Included".

Mercury Sock
My happy place is at the circus fitness studio.
I am by far the oldest person there, but I do not feel judged.
It is hard physical work. 
One week I am better at aerial silks than trapeze.  The next time, the opposite.
I tried aerial hoop too... and it was fun... but I can't do everything.

Mermaid pose - my hand should be lower down the rope, to fall further
I discovered that I am far less bendy than I assumed myself to be.
In my head, I am still that drama student who can touch her forehead with her big toe.
Ha!  Not so much.
So I have added a vinyasa yoga class to my regime.
I was so relaxed at the end of my first class that I had to drink a strong coffee before I felt alert enough to drive home!

Flexibility and balance - much needed.
Allowing myself to go with the flow.
Letting life wash over me.
Open to possibilities.
New adventures.
Sometimes peaceful but never quite at peace with myself.


  1. Having never been a bendy woman, I've been doing yoga and Pilates for years so that I don't end up as that old lady who has to turn her entire body to see to the left or the right! I can't imagine having ever been able to put my forehead anywhere near my big toe--now THAT is bendy.

  2. I know what you mean by "I am far less bendy than I assumed myself to be". Me, too! Working on it, though.

    Good for you, trying new things! I see you already have music. Don't forget to include some daily laughs.

    PS You're not alone in being alone.
    LOTS of people are alone.
    Me, too.

    :-) Chris

  3. We are all alone even when we are living with someone else. You just have more control over your day than those who have to consider the other person. I think the title of your post says it all. Enjoy!

  4. It is so easy to fill your life up, rather than stop, take stock and reflect.We all do it. I am sure than when you are ready to do that, you will and all the exciting and challenging things you are doing are just preparing you. I hope you enjoy the yoga - it has been a bit of a life saver for me. I am constantly astounded by what you do and am sure the flow will come! x

  5. Interesting. I am almost the complete opposite this last year. I have to force my self to do anything much more than go with the flow, at least physically. The mind goes where it will... Small distractions, like knitting, are peaceful. I applaud your goals.